Keynote Topics

“Programming the Power Within”
This program provides neuro-linguistic techniques to set goals, raise expectation, build confidence and improve performance.

“What Goes Around Comes Around”
Networking techniques, customer service, fulfilling your personal mission statement, making a difference.

“Build a Team — Live the Dream”
Rita doesn’t just talk about team building-she lives it and shares how to be a trendsetter for team building and providing a moral producing workplace.

“Get What You Want With What You’ve Got”
This program teaches ways to define your life’s purpose and how to develop your talents to achieve more, do more, and be more than ever before. This session raises one’s expectation with realization that what you desire, you can acquire.

“It’s Not the Setbacks, It’s the Comebacks”
Failure is a learning experience. This program teaches how you can reflect on the challenges in your life with humor and understanding. You realize that which does not destroy you, makes you strong and how people with setbacks can put themselves back in charge.

“Dejunk Your Life”
A humorous look at life’s junk-both physical and mental. What causes it and what to do about it. Since clutter creates confusion, you’ll leave this program with a better understanding about why you have so much “stuff” and how to simplify your life. Entertaining, inspiring, motivating!

“Excellence in Performance”
Do you want to be a person who is enthusiastic, energetic, and extremely motivating? Do you need to develop your communication skills and increase your productivity? This program will teach you how to increase your daily performance, enhance your self-esteem and unlock your passion.

“The Challenge of Change”
Fresh, useable ideas with a unique perspective on how change, which is a constant, can inspire you to become more productive and enjoy more passion in your life. You’ll learn it’s not about managing change, but living with change. A sense of humor will provide fresh ideas on how to handle change.

“It’s Time for You”
Time management success skill delivered with a sense of humor that boost productivity and ensures you’ll get the important things done-on time-every time. How to produce more in less time.

“Laugh Your Way to Success”
A presentation that demonstrates the importance of laughter and how to use the humor that is all around us to enjoy life more. The physical and chemical results of laughter can create a million-dollar mind. Time management, goal setting, stress management, communication, challenge of change-are all taught with laughter, inspiration, and motivation. Down to earth, practical, funny and usable.

“Getting Above Your Raising”
This program focuses on ways to reprogram your mind with success principles using imagery, visualization, and self-talk to raise personal expectations and reduce limiting habits. Lots of humor, inspiration, and motivation with specific strategies for achieving more.

“Reborn in the USA”
It was only after 9/11 that we stopped to consider how wonderful we have it in America. How much opportunity we have at our fingertips. This program focuses on the many blessings available to each of us in America that allow us to master our lives. Each of us have the power to mold ourselves into to the type of person we want to be and to live the life that people in other countries can only dreamed of.

Personalized Topics Available:

  • Network Marketing
  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Stress Management
  • Incorporating Humor In the Workplace
  • Team Building
  • Problem Solving
  • Networking
  • Success Habits
  • Raising Expectations
  • Building Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Balancing Home and Career
  • Sponsoring, Recruiting and Selling – The Wave of the 21st Century